The past year has taught me a lot about who I want to be as a designer and I want to discover this further next year. Working on the project NaviMate within the Health & Inclusive Design squad made me realize I want to focus on vulnerable target groups in the future.

I already discovered I am most interested in the expertise areas Creativity & Aesthetics, User & Society and Technology & Realization. Therefore, I want to follow electives to deepen myself more in these areas, such as the USE trajectory Engineering Design. Besides I am planning on following the course Intercultural Design to engage broader knowledge within User & Society.

Since, I want to focus on equity-focused designs, I will work in the Transforming Practices squad on Project 3. This will give me the opportunity to focus on social problems and to gain more experience on this part of my vision. Besides, working in a new squad will teach me new design and research processes.

Also, I am planning on doing more extra curricular activities next year to broaden my vision on designing and to get new experiences.