Since I was little, I enjoyed using my creativity. I liked putting my ideas on paper and making them a reality while sketching, painting, and crafting.

In secondary school, I have chosen the N&T profile with the extra courses ‘Art’ and ‘Computer Science’. The course ‘Art’ changed my vision on designing and made me aware of all the small details. I learned about the different art movements and how they are impacted by society. I was interested in this connection, so I got deeper into this subject for my school research project. Besides, I got my first experiences with a design process, iterating and material exploration which I really enjoyed. In the course ‘Computer Science’, I learned the basics of working with an Arduino and coding a website, in which I could use for the first time both technical and creative skills. This was a new experience and got me interested in combining these fields.

Because of my profile, I could both use my technical and creative side. I really enjoyed the combination of these courses and wanted to combine my skills from both areas more often. Eventually, this interest led to becoming an Industrial Design student.