In project 2, I designed with a team of 4 NaviMate.
Our goal is to empower people with dementia to find their way to locations independently and reduce the feeling of being lost. The device will be introduced in the beginning stages of dementia, to familiarize them with the system, so that they are most likely to remember the functionality in later stages.
NaviMate is the navigation device that guides individuals with dementia to their destination, through lighting, voices, and haptic feedback. NaviMate can guide someone to four adaptable locations. With the help of lights, the device can guide an individual in the direction of left, right, forward, and backward.
Family voices are implemented as extra guidance. Moreover, they give the individuals a sense of comfort and trust.

By pressing one of the destinations, the family voice will automatically go on. It can be muted by pressing the button in the center of the device.
The last function implemented is haptic feedback. When the device changes from direction, the device will vibrate to remind the user to check NaviMate.
Next to the physical product, there is the NaviMate app for the informal caregiver, with functions such as: the live location of the individual, change the address of the destinations, change the voice and there is a help desk for general questions.
By introducing them to NaviMate, an accessible navigation device, we make people with dementia feel worthy and responsible again.